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Girl with Autumn Leaf
Boy Leaning Against a Tree

Children's Mindful Nature Program

Rooted In Nature

Our mission is to ignite a sense of wonder and grow scientific understanding and connection with the natural world through curiosity driven exploration and mindfulness practices.

We believe in a year-round, child-inspired curriculum that educates the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. The unstructured flow of learning allows children to experience authentic free play in nature while developing necessary skills for a higher quality of life.

A different theme will be introduced each week that will incorporate these core areas:

  • Mindfulness in nature – through yoga, meditation, and quiet observation practices

  • Adventures in nature – through hiking, building, digging, planting, exploring, and playing

  • Learning in nature – through scientific methods, record keeping, observations, teamwork, and experience

Parents will receive recommendations for follow up activities and additional resources including questions to ask their kids following their adventures to spark storytelling and enhance the parent-child connection.

Fall Tokens

Our Guiding Values

The inspiration and reasons behind creating this program are:


MINDFULNESS is important as children grow and develop their bodies and emotions. It creates self-awareness and confidence. Children will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives and will be provided opportunities that will awaken and heighten the body’s senses through touch, movement/ balance, sight/vision, smell, taste, and sound experiences in nature.


GUIDED ADVENTURES in nature provide children an active, safe, and unstructured place to express creativity and problem solve while learning at their own pace. Students will experience healthy active time away from screens where they can develop a deep love of the places they live through sensory and experiential learning.


SCIENTIFIC PROCESSES are key to a well-rounded outlook and understanding of the life cycles within the world. The program will provide a close-up view of how humans, plants, animals, and other natural resources are deeply connected and how to best exist within our natural surroundings in a responsible manner.



Connecting the mind to the natural world through scientific understanding and discovery.

Jumping in the Leaves


Connecting the body to the natural world through sensory exploration and natural movement.

Meditation by the sea


Connecting the heart and spirit to the natural world through mindful movement and other mindfulness practices.

Happy Young Girls


Connecting to each other and gaining a sense of place through collaboration, mentorship, and storytelling.

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