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Guided Imagery - The Fox

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in a heavily wooded area.

The air is cool and calm.

The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground.

It’s quiet all around you and the sun is just beginning to set.

Imagine that you are a fox in this setting. You are sitting quietly next to your fox den which is a moss-covered opening among a group of trees.

You are interested in exploring the area that surrounds you and, perhaps, find some friends to play with or some food to eat.

You are curious and happy in your forest home.

See yourself moving toward a creek in the distance.

As you settle into your visualization, we are going to do some breathwork as if you are thinking like a fox.

This will help you as you move in peace through the day...quiet and light like a fox.

We are going to take five deep inhalations and match the breath as we exhale.

Keep the vision of the fox in your head. As you take a deep breath in, say the words in your mind, “My footsteps are soft.” And as you match the out breath, you will say it again in your mind, “My footsteps are soft. “

Continue for five rounds.

Now open your eyes and notice if you feel at peace like the fox.

*If you would like to use or share this guided imagery please give credit to Kate Reed at Wonder & Grow: Mindful Nature Experience, Inc.

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