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Guided Imagery - I Flow Like Water

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself on a very hot summer day.

You are eager to cool off.

In the distance, you see a stream and you feel excited.

You hear the water smoothly trickle around rocks and old branches.

As you approach you notice how crystal clear the water is.

You bend over to look more closely and you see your reflection smiling back at you.

You bend down to touch the water. It is cool and refreshing.

You cup your hands to scoop some up and splash your face.

Can you feel it?

You take your shoes off and sit on the stream bank.

You dip in one foot and then the other.

Can you feel the water?

You sit there on the bank quietly, calmly enjoying the cool water on a summer day.

Now...take five deep inhalations and match the breath as we exhale.

Keep the vision of the flowing stream in your mind.

Repeat the following words in your head on the in-breath and the out-breath.

As you take a deep breath say the words in your mind, “I flow like water.”

And as you match the out-breath you will say it again in your mind, “I flow like water.“

Continue for five rounds.

Now open your eyes and notice if you feel at peace like the flowing water.

If you would like to use or share this guided imagery, please give credit to Kate Reed at Wonder & Grow: Mindful Nature Experience, Inc.

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