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Finding Peace on a Snowy Day

On these beautiful snowy winter days, we enjoy taking some time to notice and appreciate the little flakes of joy falling from the sky. If you can, adventure outside on a snowy day and practice this sensory awareness exercise. If there is no snow near you, simply watch the attached video or just close your eyes and imagine a gentle snow flurry falling all around you.


~Receive a deep breath into your body and let out a long... slow.... exhale.

~Notice your body. Do you feel any sensations on your skin? Wind? Moisture?

~Notice how the snowflakes by one...on a journey from the sky down onto the Earth, creating a white blanket of snow all around you.

~Each snowflake is unique and beautiful. Each snowflake's journey is unique, as they float, tumble, and turn with no set destination. Just enjoying the ride.

~Hold your hand out and feel the coolness and moisture of the snowflakes as they touch your hand.

~Breathe deeply through your nose and notice what you may smell. Can you smell the snow?

~Notice anything you may hear. The blanket of snow creates a calming silence and may muffle everyday human sounds. Notice any more-than-human sounds. Snowflakes and pellets landing on autumn leaves or bouncing off of roofs. Birds chirping in the distance.

~While watching the snowflakes fall, practice this breathing exercise:

While receiving a breath, say to yourself... “I am watching the snow” ... as you release a long slow exhale, say to yourself... "I am peace”

Breathe in... "I am watching the snow"

Breathe out... "I am peace"

Repeat for as long as you like. You may notice a sense of calm, peace, and connection. You may even notice a smile forming. Bask in that feeling for a couple minutes.


Remember this feeling as you go about your day. If you start to feel frazzled or lost, close your eyes, imagine the snowflakes falling, and just breathe.... to once again connect to yourself and the living Earth.

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